[Daily] 14 Apr 2022; Revue is not good

I have been experimenting with various email marketing and newsletter platforms trying to choose the one that fits perfectly for my needs.

First, I tried Revue (owned by Twitter) — the setup and overall experience of setting up the newsletter was quick and felt great. I really liked the fact that I could show the newsletter directly on my Twitter profile and people could subscribe from there, directly. But the issue with Revue is the emails land in the spam — I sent the first issue to 5 subscribers (my friends) and all of them received the email in the spam folder.

Then, I created another account with Mailerlite (I am already using one account for AspiringYouths) and to my surprise, they did not approve my new account for some reason.

After that, I finally decided to try ConvertKit! I created a free account thinking that the limit is only 300 subscribers but I was wrong — the free accounts can work up to 1000 subscribers. I created the account, set up a subscriber form, and embedded it on the homepage and below every blog post on this site (you would see one grey box below this post too).

I really liked the simplicity that ConvertKit offers. Earlier, in my mind, it had an image of being a very strict and not-so-user-friendly email marketing service. But after trying it out, I can, for sure, say that it’s the best I have tried so far.

Here’s how it looks on the homepage:

Looks cool to me, and loads fast too.

Today, I spent my whole morning trying to figure out which platform I should go with for sending newsletters. I am glad that I finally got settled with one.

But… I didn’t do any work and I have to spend the whole second half of the day completing the work which I will easily finish.

That’s it.

See ya!

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