[Daily] 15 Apr 2022; Organizing old stuff

Most of the newer projects that I started within the last 1-2 years are super organized inside Notion. But the old ones are very messy and I needed to organize everything to create a kind of system for better management.

Today, I started organizing all the old posts on my blog compile.blog into a simple Notion dashboard to get a better understanding of what’s going on and in which direction I should advance from here.

I am still in the process of doing the manual work of copy-pasting the titles and URLs of each post, but the Notion dashboard looks like this:

Notion dashboard for compile.blog
Notion dashboard for managing compile.blog

Looks cool, isn’t it?

I have 3 main sections in the dashboard:

  • Work in Progress — contains items that either I am working on or raw ideas
  • Live — contains a list of posts that have already been published (you see this section in the above screenshot)
  • All items — contains all the items with no filters or sorts and with all the columns

Yes, it’s very time-taking at first to do all the manual work but there are multiple benefits of doing this. A few that I currently have in mind are:

  • I can open the dashboard and quickly know what I have to work on today
  • It becomes easy to look at the old posts and update them
  • It’s easier to identify various categories at once and start writing affiliate articles in those categories, etc.

And, as I have written about it earlier too that I am doing the same/similar kind of thing for my social media posts. I have created a huge ideas pool where I can quickly get what should I write and post about.

Today, I won’t be writing any new content. Instead, I will be doing some planning for the coming months and then update some of the old posts on one of my affiliate sites. Last, it was updated in 2021 and it’s very important to keep updating your old posts in order to keep all the information updated — search engines love this thing.

That’s it for today.

See ya!

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