[Daily] 15 Aug 2022; Happy Independence Day

It’s the 15th of August, Independence Day. And, I wish Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Indians.

I remember the times when I was a kid and would be rushing towards my school with a small tricolor in my hand on this day. We all would stand in lines to hoist our national flag and get 1-2 Jalebis after the ceremony. There were also drama, singing, and dancing programs in the school—I didn’t participate in any of those, but I really enjoyed the performances of my schoolmates.

That has changed a bit now. It’s Independence Day and I am sitting around in my room with my laptop and writing this daily journal. It’s not possible for me or anyone like me to get that feeling of waking up happy on the day and getting ready for school. I am sure the kids who performed on the stage must be a lot more excited than I was at the time.

To be honest, I love my current life, and I am just remembering how golden that period of life was!

Today, I would just be doing a bit of research about how to further grow my affiliate sites.

See ya!

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