[Daily] 15 Sep 2022; WordPress over everything

You must have come across online debates of people shaming WordPress for being slow and complicated.

Well, I disagree.

There was a time when I also fall into the trap of hating WordPress and started seeking alternatives. Believe me when I say this, I tried every alternative available in the market and then came back to WordPress. To give you an idea, I tried:

  • Ghost CMS
  • Static Site Generators
  • Notion-based blogs
  • Wix
  • Medium
  • Squarespace, etc.

And all of them had either some flaws or missing features that I badly wanted. Just to be clear, I am mainly comparing based on blogging on WordPress.

But, why WordPress?

Here are some of the reasons that always makes me choose WordPress over anything else:

  • I can quickly add any types of schema, thanks to SEO plugins
  • I can easily add tables, images, boxes, etc.
  • I can invite more people to collaborate on my blog
  • It is comparatively cheaper to scale a blog to millions
  • It’s reliable and not going to be ended anytime soon
  • Nothing beats WordPress when it comes to SEO

I could just go on and on talking about why I use WordPress.

I agree that starting a WordPress website as a beginner can be very technical and even difficult to set up. But if you have decent knowledge about the platform, you just can’t go back. My WordPress sites load in just fraction of seconds because I know how to set up a highly optimized WordPress website.

So… that’s why I recommend WordPress over anything.

Today, I would be working on the landing page for the blog content planning service that I am starting.

Probably spend whole day doing that.

See ya!

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