[Daily] 16 Apr 2022; Cutting out fluff

For years, I have had the mentality of making businesses or say digital assets that would be beneficial for me in the future. I made enough money to survive and didn’t think about making more money in the present time — it was going on as it should and I was working hard towards establishing assets that could be very big over the years.

But that has changed now, I need money and I have to set up assets that quickly make me money, and I, with Bikash, am working hard on that. I have prioritized and focused more on the projects that have high chances of bringing me money in the next 1-2 months.

I already have affiliate sites making money, and now we just have to scale them. We are working on solid strategies to rank the sites for more keywords and make more money. And, everything seems to be going in the direction that we want — going good so far.

Today, I am a bit sick (most probably, food poisoning) and won’t be working much.

That’s it.

See ya!

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