[Daily] 16 Mar 2022; When I couldn’t speak English



On the first day of college in 2014, I was given a topic and got asked to speak a few lines in front of the whole class. I scored 3/10 because I only managed to speak just 2 lines, literally. My writing wasn’t that bad at the time but I really struggled while speaking English.

I started practicing but the main issue was with my thinking process. I realized that even if someone gives me the same topic and asks me to speak in Hindi, which is my mother tongue, I won’t be able to speak more than a few lines.

What was the issue?

I didn’t know how to formulate things, how to think about a topic, what details can be included, how to structure your thoughts, etc. I started working on improving these skills and a year later scored 10/10 when spoke on a topic.

Clearly, knowing what’s the problem is the very first thing before you try to solve the problem. If you don’t understand what’s causing this, how will you make it better?

Today, I will be writing the 3rd week’s report for the blog that I’m building in public.

Apart from that, I will be writing 1 article for Untalked SEO and 1 for compile.blog. Wish me luck.

That’s it.

See ya!

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