[Daily] 16 May 2022; The email course launches

The 7-day SEO email course that I have been creating for more than 2 weeks is being completed today. We have put a lot of work into it and today is the day when it finally goes live.

Now, I just have to set up 1-week automation in Mailerlite and then I won’t need to touch it again unless I need to do some modifications.

I am still a bit confused about the email signature though — I am looking at various email newsletters that I have received and then see if anything resonates.

The complete email course is ~7000 words in total — some emails are more than 1000 words and I am worried about them if they would get clipped in Gmail and other email services.

Also, I am excited that I would now be announcing the launching of the email course in this Wednesday’s update. For more than a month, I haven’t done anything on the site and updates were not so detailed, but this time I will write about everything — what went into creating the email course, etc.

Yesterday, I helped a friend with her Linux machine, and then I got nostalgic about how I used to use Linux for years, but not anymore.

I do want to start using Linux again and thinking of getting a new laptop from System76 or Librem.

Let’s see if I get one.

Today, I would be creating some images for the email course and setting up the automation in the Mailerlite.

I think, my work would be finished by noon, and after that, I would play around with 11ty a bit because it might help me with creating 1000s of pages with programmatic SEO (using code).

See ya!

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