[Daily] 17 Jul 2022; Emergency fund

As parents are getting old, it’s essential for me to have a huge emergency fund ready for any kinds of medical emergencies.

I was thinking of keeping 10,00,000 INR ready—out of which 8,00,000 INR in the bank untouched and 2,00,000 INR cash at home.

Yes, I am not quite there yet, and it will take me some time to have that amount with me that I won’t touch or use for anything else. But since I am thinking about it, probably, I am already halfway there.

Today, I am travelling and will be reading and finishing the book Show Your Work by today itself. I have already finished the first 30% of the book, so it can be finished by today.

Apart from that, I will also try to write a few short but thoughtful articles on my personal website.

Hope the day goes well.

See ya!

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