[Daily] 18 Sep 2022; Planning makes work easier

Speaking from personal experience, planning your tasks enables you to finish quicker than otherwise.

Here’s what I do and how it has improved my productivity:

  • I note down what I have to do the next day when I’m finishing that day’s work
  • When I start the next day, I already have an idea of what I will be working on today

I have noticed that I tend to finish my work early whenever I have my day planned. On most days, I can finish my work by 1 pm. But when I don’t have my day planned, I would get distracted a lot.

I am uncertain if it works for everyone, but it has been working for me since January 2022. No plans to ditch this habit anytime soon.

Today, I would be working on the landing page copy for the blog planning service, again.

Let’s see how it goes.

See ya!

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