[Daily] 19 Apr 2022; Google Sites

If you want to quickly create a simple landing page, Google Sites is a free and nocode solution. Recently, I came across the platform again and realized that I created several test websites using this back in 2019.

The drag-and-drop editor is flawless and works like a charm. It’s a great choice for creating a quick single-page landing page.

I really liked the depth of this tweet by Paul Graham:

Tweet by Paul Graham
Paul G on Twitter

Today, I am moving to a WordPress FSE-enabled theme for one of my affiliate sites. It’ll be a time taking process as there will be some manual changes in each of the “pages” as they are built using Elementor (a page builder plugin) and now I have to create a similar or better-looking design using Gutenberg.

Wish me luck.

7:30 PM

A while ago, I was browsing Reddit and came across this amazing post titled “Entrepreneurs, when did you realize it was time to take action?”, opened it up and there are some great comments on the post that are worth noting.

See ya!

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