[Daily] 19 Aug 2022; Appreciating WordPress

I am a big fan of WordPress, and I believe it’s the most useful piece of software ever created. The functionalities it offers and the ease of use are phenomenal.

I have been using WordPress since 2015, it’s been more than 7 years, and never felt the urge to move to another website builder or blogging platform. Over the years, I have changed the look of my websites several times, and it was straightforward with the customizability it offers.

The world’s biggest ed-tech BYJU has its website built using WordPress, and there are tons of other big companies that use WordPress.

Some things that I see why people advise against WordPress are:

  • There are tons of plugins and features available on WordPress, and newbies try to use them all by installing 20-30 plugins, and then they would complain about WordPress being slow.
  • WordPress is complicated to use for newbies, which I agree with. You must have some basic knowledge about web designing and performance optimization before you start creating sites.
  • Sometimes, even I have faced the issues like getting hacked on WordPress. But not anymore. With proper security measures, you can avoid getting hacked.
  • Some people argue that you can’t create advanced and super-futuristic-looking websites on WordPress. But it’s not true, with the right page builders and plugins, you can build whatever you want.

I can go on with the rant about people criticizing WordPress for invalid reasons. But I’ll stop now.

I am planning to launch the content pack privately on Monday. So today and this weekend, I would spend perfecting the content pack and all the time would go just into that.

Let’s see how it goes.

See ya!

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