[Daily] 19 May 2022; Received offers

Received a message from a person on Twitter asking if I wanted to sell Untalked SEO. I had no plans but then I started having second thoughts about it.

However, there are lots of things planned for the site and I have decided not to sell. It was an unexpected offer and definitely made me happy about the fact that someone is willing to buy this.

Not now, but I will share the plans for the site in the coming days.

I tweeted about generating 1000s of SEO-friendly pages programmatically and a lot of people seem to like it. Here’s the tweet:

My method is very messy and I am still experimenting with it to make it more streamlined. It’ll be interesting to see where I can take it to.

Today, I will be working the whole day to write an article, and find/create relevant images for it.

Let’s see how the day goes.

See ya!

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