[Daily] 2 Jul 2022; Writing a massive guide

I am writing a detailed guide for doing dental SEO and I think it’s coming out to be more than 4000 words. I think I’ve just crossed writing the 50% of the guide, and it’s already at 2200 words.

Since the guide is on a topic that I know well about and love writing about, it’s not that difficult for me to write. But it’s still taking a few days to be completed. In fact, I started writing this almost a week ago, every day I contribute a few sections to the article, but it still hasn’t been completed.

But that’s not an issue — because good things take time.

I recently did this tweet that turns out to be fantastic advice for finding internal linking opportunities on your website.

This site: Google search operator has been a great tool for me for doing in-site searches.

Let’s see how today goes.

See ya!

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