[Daily] 2 Mar 2022; Building in public

Finally, I have completely decided to build and grow Untalked SEO in public. I will be sharing regular updates on Twitter and probably on LinkedIn and Reddit too.

Yesterday, I announced the same on Twitter that I will be growing the blog in public and will be sharing all the processes, progress, and learnings. Here’s the exact tweet:

One person DMed on Twitter to ask about what WordPress theme and web hosting service I am using.

Well, I am using the WordPress default theme Twenty Twenty One and the site is hosted on a Digital Ocean Litespeed server. I have shared the detailed list of all the plugins that I am using on the site in the Medium post.

I will be sharing regular updates on these platforms:

Last Sunday, I went to watch a movie, bought offline tickets directly at the multiplex, and when I returned home, there was a notification on my phone from Google asking “how was the movie?”.

Seriously, how did Google know I am going to watch a movie? I didn’t turn on my location the whole time and I didn’t buy the tickets online. I thought about this but was unable to wrap my head around this.

That’s it.

See ya!

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