[Daily] 20 May 2022; What makes me happy

Yesterday, I was a bit upset and kinda frustrated with how things are going in life. And whenever I am this down, I start thinking about various philosophical stuff.

So I thought, why should I be upset about some tiny things when I have lots of other things to be happy about?

And then I started making a list of things that make me happy.

So, what makes me happy?

  • If someone praises my writing
  • If someone thanks me for something
  • If someone buys something for me
  • If someone talks to me nicely
  • If I find something interesting to read
  • If I write something which I think is really good
  • If I find some tricks and hacks to do something in a better way
  • If I make healthy food choices
  • If I take long walks alone
  • If I stay focused on something the whole day
  • If all the family members are healthy and good
  • If my friends are happy
  • If the weather outside is awesome

plus, 1331 more things…

See, I am a simple man!

Today, I would be doing some thinking about the future plans for my sites.

See ya!

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