[Daily] 21 Apr 2022; Time to scale

I have never worked with a team!!!

And, that’s a very big problem when you’re thinking to scale your business and now you have to deal with or rather work hand-in-hand with your team. It’s not difficult but I am required to do a slight mind shift to be able to work properly.

I and Bikash Kampo are collaborating on multiple projects and scaling everything which is already making money. For that, we will have to manage a team of around 10 people (currently, freelancers) and we need to do a setup that makes the process easier for us. We will have to create a system and then train our team members at first but after a few months, it’ll be amazing.

I came across this awesome tweet by Niall Doherty which features an image that shows a framework of the 4-hour work week (4HWW). Take a look at the tweet below:

Niall Doherty on Twitter about 4HWW

If the image is not clear, take a look at it below:


It’s amazing, I loved it — this is how we should think about something.

11:08 AM

Another interesting tweet that I came across today was about copywriters and content writers.


Yes, copywriters != content writers.

  • Content is for educational purposes!
  • Copy is for transactional purposes!!

Today, I would be doing some research for creating a system for the team that we will be working with from next month, most probably.

Also, I will be changing the theme to a WordPress FSE enabled theme on compile.blog.

That’s it.

See ya!

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