[Daily] 21 Sep 2022; Ads! Do I like them?

I never like ads when visiting a website, so I have never considered monetizing my content sites through ads.

But should I reconsider that?

Yesterday, I watched a video interview of a person who claimed to be earlier $200,000 every month from a portfolio of 25 content sites, and 95% of that earning came from ads (the rest 5% from promoting affiliate products).

Furthermore, I came across this tweet by Ian Nuttal where he considers display ads as a “sustainable long-term model” for monetization.

And that does change my perspective to reconsider utilizing ads to monetize high-traffic content websites. It “may” be a long-term game. And, in fact, I have started to work towards that already. I have applied for ads for compile.blog and will be increasing its monthly traffic by creating posts that bring traffic or could bring traffic.

Today, and for the rest of this week, I would be completing 2 pending orders for the blog planning service. And from the next week, I would again start finalizing the landing page for blog planning service.

See ya!

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