[Daily] 23 Apr 2022; Searching for a good RSS feed reader

I didn’t think that I would be searching for a good feed reader, again. Yes, earlier I used to read lots of stuff related to SEO and I had a personalized feed created in the Feedly app where I would take a look at the recent articles/news from the top SEO publications and blogs. But now, I don’t read much about SEO.

However, I still read a lot but mostly about business, productivity, and technology. And, there is no better way to follow updates from all my favorite blogs than having a good RSS feed reader.

There are several readers out there, but I am looking for something which is free or cheap and that I can rely on. Some of the readers that I know from earlier are — Feedly, Inoreader, Feeder, etc.

I am trying to read several articles comparing various RSS readers and also looking at some YouTube videos to find only the best.

Yes, I am willing to waste a few hours on all this as today is Saturday, and anyway it’s my random browsing and doing nothing day.

12:30 PM

This is an old tweet of mine that I absolutely love!

See ya!

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