[Daily] 23 Mar 2022; Benefits of daily journaling

I have been writing my daily public journal since Feb 25th this year and so far experiencing lots of benefits of it. Some of the benefits that I’ve noticed are:

  • Now, I have a better sense of the time. Every time I type the date in the title, it reminds me of the fact that the “time is passing” and you need to move fast, work fast.
  • I stay in the loop, I keep myself reminded of the work that I am doing.
  • I feel free as I am able to express myself, from what I’m thinking to what I’m working on and how I’m working. It’s amazing.
  • It helps me avoid writer’s block as well. Everyday at 9 AM, it has become a kind of habit to publish whatever is in the mind.
  • I haven’t noticed but I am sure it will contribute to improving my writing skills further.
  • I remember birthdays and other important dates as I type the today’s date in the title.

I have created a system that every day at 9 AM, my ToDo app sends me a reminder to write and publish the daily journal. It’s been more than 25 days and I haven’t missed a single day, and I am not planning to miss it in the coming days.

Yesterday, I wrote that I will be completing the guide by today itself but I couldn’t be successful.

So the challenge continues and I will be completing everything by today itself.

Hope for the best.

See ya!

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