[Daily] 23 May 2022; I Wish I had a secret rant blog

I wish I had a secret blog without my name where I could write about whatever I wanted to. I could rant about things and write about all the things that don’t like or like about society.

I am thinking of one such blog on Medium without using my name. Getting my own domain would make me identifiable and then I would be conscious of the fact that it’s in my name and I need to write better to maintain my reputation.

Doing it anonymously would be the best thing.

Not sure about it yet, but will start something soon.

I just tweeted about the new experiment that I have been doing with Programmatic SEO. Here’s the tweet:

In the experiment, I have just tried to show people what’s possible when it comes to pSEO.

Today, back to the routine of writing. Will be writing some posts for an affiliate site.

Let’s see how the day goes.

See ya!

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