[Daily] 24 Apr 2022; Planning for 7-day email SEO course

Lately, we haven’t been able to produce content as it was planned for Untalked SEO. We have rarely published anything new on the site.

But now, I was thinking that if the 7-day SEO course, which is featured on the homepage, becomes ready then we can attract more and more people to subscribe to our email list from Twitter. It just has to be ready, quickly.

Yes, we tried working on it earlier too but it didn’t go well. Actually, we haven’t done something like this before and we both (me and Bikash) get very conscious while deciding how should categorize and organize all the SEO stuff into just 7 emails.

However, whether we like it or not, we will have to do it! Quickly!!

Today, I will be working a bit on creating the email course that I talked about above.

Also, I will be reading a few chapters of the book “Show Your Work”, it’s still finished. Last time, I started reading and then stopped after a few chapters. Now, I’ll continue from there.

Hoping this will be a great Sunday.

See ya!

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