[Daily] 24 Jun 2022; Writing another huge guide

After I wrote the 4000-word guide on programmatic SEO, it’s time to write another huge guide. This time I am writing a complete guide for doing SEO for dentists.

I am not yet sure how long it is going to be, but I guess it will be around 3000 words. This is the current outline:

I have completed writing the first version of the checked-out lines and it will probably take one more day to complete the writing and then another day to edit, prepare images, format, and publish on the site.

In fact, writing that 4000-word guide took me around 15 hours of work but this guide will not take more than 7-8 hours of work. My writing speed has definitely improved as recently, I have written tons of stuff about SEO. And when you cover lots of topics in a niche, writing does become a bit easier as you don’t have to spend hours researching stuff.

In my case, I didn’t only write lots of SEO-related articles but I also have years of first-hand experience with SEO and that helps me by saving time in research. I probably won’t be able to write this long article in any other niche that I don’t know about in less than 20-25 hours.

Let’s get to work then, a lot to do today.

See ya!

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