[Daily] 24 May 2022; Carrd is amazing

I have heard about Carrd a long time ago but never actually tried creating a site with it. But… today is the day when I finally bought the premium subscription of Carrd and I was able to create a simple landing page within minutes. 🤯

A Carrd template that I quickly edited to create my own landing page!

I never realized it’s so powerful and has such easy to use interface until I tried it myself. There are tons of great templates that you can quickly customize as per your needs. I mean, look at the above template — how amazing it is!

Also, I didn’t realize it would be this cheap! I just got the plan at $19 per year. Yes, per year. 😍

Today, I will be working on affiliate sites mainly. And, also have a meeting with a person and we will be discussing stuff related to pSEO.

Let’s see how the day goes.

See ya!

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