[Daily] 26 Apr 2022; Completing 2 months of daily writing

I started writing this daily public journal on the 25th Feb this year and it’s completed 2 months today — it’s so exciting. I have never ever done something for so long so dedicated.

In fact, writing daily public journals has become a part of my daily routine now. Every morning, at 9 AM, I get this notification of writing the journal from the Microsoft ToDo app and I immediately get started with writing.

It’s all going well and I have no plans to stop writing these every single day. It benefits me in so many ways.

This tweet is blowing my mind:

Someone directly scraped millions of Google’s People also ask section questions with direct answers and now the site is getting millions of monthly traffic.

It’s not at all good:

  • it’s not user friendly, no one is going to read it
  • it’s not monetizable
  • the content is garbage
  • it’s just another huge internet waste

They are just benefiting from a flaw in the Google search algorithms and it can go down at any time.

On another note, people are worried about their AI-written content getting banned by Google. Well, rest assured! At least, for the next few years!!

Google can’t penalize directly copied content, how it’ll detect AI written content.

This is my today’s favorite quote.

A business has only 2 basic functions: marketing and innovation.

β€” Peter Drucker

See ya!

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