[Daily] 26 Aug 2022; Trying Slack

I have been using Skype to communicate with my team for years, but now I want to move to a better solution where there are superior organization and search features. Skype is good for chatting, but not when you share links and files, and then you have to search for it—it’s just not good.

Today, I tried Slack. It’s fantastic and definitely a lot better than Skype for my use case. The organization feature is outstanding. But the 10,000 message archive limit is a dealbreaker for me.

After seeking better alternatives, I realized that I am already using Google Workspace and I have access to the Google Spaces feature. I started exploring and realized that Google Spaces is great too:

  • unlimited message archive
  • seamless Google Drive file sharing
  • integrated directly in Gmail
  • quick for internal team communication
  • no additional software download, etc.

It’s all great, so far.

I have invited everyone to use Google Spaces, and let’s see if we continue using it for long.

I would be working on the content pack today.

Let’s see how it goes.

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