[Daily] 27 Feb 2022; Expose your writing

Good morning!

I had a thought, what if I wouldn’t have started blogging and sharing my writing back in 2015? Would I still have been thinking that I would start blogging once I become a better blogger?

In 2017, a friend told me that I have a terrible writing style, it’s very difficult to understand what point I am trying to make. I felt bad at the time but it was self-realization too that my writings were bad, indeed. I heard the feedback and my writing is a lot better as compared to back then, I know that for sure.

Expose your writing to criticism.


I have a lot of friends asking, “Hey! how can I start with blogging? I do not have a good writing style.” And the only answer to this question can be: start writing, start blogging from today. Do not wait for your writing to be perfect before you start because it’s not going to happen.

Because, you learn writing only by writing.

Apart from that, I am heartbroken by the war that’s going on in Ukraine. It’s ultimately the people who pay the price. Like Ukrainians, Russian soldiers are dying too — it breaks my heart.

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The above quote brings tears to my eyes. I don’t know much about what caused this, but I know for sure that the war is never the solution. Saying it again, it’s ultimately the people who pay the price.

Today is Sunday. I am going out for a movie, away from my computer.

That’s it.

See ya!

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