[Daily] 27 Mar 2022; Thinking to experiment with Programmatic SEO



Recently, I wrote a detailed guide on Programmatic SEO and then thinking about doing an experiment with it ever since. It doesn’t have to be fancy, I just wanna check if a simple site with 1000s of pages rank in Google if it has only an average of 300-400 words of content on each of the page.

If this experiment works, then I will be implementing it in other serious projects.

And the issue is not with the data collection part, I am able to collect high-quality data at scale with my friend Bikash Kampo. The only issue is with the tech stack.

I am not able to decide which platform I should choose, of course, I want nocode solutions. I was thinking of Softr but then with the free account, it has a limit of 200 pages only, and even with the paid account it has a limit of 1000 pages only. I want something robust and reliable which is affordable and scalable up to a few thousand pages.

There’s a WordPress plugin too called MPG but I wonder if it can take data from a spreadsheet and stay updated and synced with the latest changes, automatically.

I’m exploring various other options and let’s see which platform will be lucky to have me. 😉

See ya!

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