[Daily] 28 Feb 2022; Rented audience

I was thinking, do we really own our social media audience? I have 350+ followers on Twitter but are they really mine? No, I don’t think so. Twitter can block me or ban me anytime for a simple rule violation.

It’s true, you do not own your social media audience, you just rent them.

Recently, I have come across several incidents where social media giants like Facebook and Twitter banned the accounts of multiple businesses. And since those businesses were entirely built on top of those social platforms, they were destroyed. The best example is, WittyFeed, an Indore-based company that was generating millions of traffic from Facebook, one day their Facebook page got deleted for no reason. All the 150 employees were suddenly jobless.

Email is the true medium that you completely own. If you have emails of 10,000 people then no matter what platform you use for sending emails, you can always reach out to them.

If you are starting a business, start collecting emails from day one! Use the rented platforms to bring people to your owned platforms.

Today, I am writing an article in compile.blog about “best email newsletter services” which will be monetized by affiliate links. Also, I will be writing one article for the new SEO blog project, that I mentioned earlier.

Also, got an idea of creating a section on my blog for “creator profile”. It will be a list of creators that I truly admire with their name, bio, photo, best articles, videos, podcasts, etc. — all on the same page. It will be like a collection of all the cool stuff about the creator.

Not yet sure, where I should create this. A new website? No way. Most probably, I will be creating this on compile.blog.

That’s it.

See ya!

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