[Daily] 29 Apr 2022; Obsidian, Notion, or Evernote?

To be honest, I use all of these 3 apps to take notes and manage multiple projects.

  • Notion is much like a project management tool where I manage my projects — from ToDos to future plans, everything about a project is kept in there.
  • Obsidian is like a writing tool — for writing daily private journals and some blog posts that do not need to have collaborated with someone.
  • Evernote is like my second brain — from bookmarks, favorite articles, emails, and images I liked to PDFs and other docs that I might need at some point.

Notion acts as the ultimate management tool, even though I wrote something inside Obsidian or Google Docs, it’s ultimately going to be put in there. For example, take a look at this screenshot:

Notion dashboard

Even though most of these posts are not directly written inside Notion, I’m putting everything in one place so that it can be easily manageable. And, if I hire someone to help me with the content creation at some point in the future, it’d be very easy for them to understand how everything works.

Recently, I watched a video by Tiago Forte who advises on creating a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) database inside Notion to further reduce the efforts required for the repetitive tasks.

A video by Tiago Forte on productivity and organization

I think it’s great while working with a small or even big team. If they need help with something, they’d just search inside the database instead of asking for help from someone in the team.

Apart from these thoughts, I will be working on a client’s project today. I’m creating detailed growth strategy plans for their company.

Let’s see how it goes.

See ya!

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