[Daily] 3 Apr 2022; Best place to register domains

I have been using Namesilo and Namecheap for registering domains for years and they are good. But last year, I faced a serious problem with Namesilo, I wasn’t able to get into my account. I had 10 domains in there and I was terrified. After talking to customer care for 4 days and providing all the necessary proof, I was able to get in, finally.

After that, I started exploring other domain registrars which are affordable as well as reliable. For a couple of months, I am using Google Domains and have moved most of my domains here — it’s good and connected with your Gmail account. But as wise people say, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, I am thinking of keeping my domains to 2-3 registrars.

Recently, I discovered the Cloudflare Domain registration service which is surprisingly cheaper. Also, Cloudflare has a decent security system and it seems like a good, robust company. I will register a new domain on Cloudflare and slowly move some of my domains here.

Let’s see how it goes.

It’s Sunday, btw.

I am planning to watch a movie and will be doing some random internet browsing like I always do on weekends.

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