[Daily] 3 Jul 2022; LanguageTool or Grammarly?

If you’re self-editing, having an AI tool definitely helps in correcting the spelling and grammatical mistakes. I have been using Grammarly since 2018 and have recently discovered LanguageTool. Now, I want to further improve my blog posts and want to get a premium membership of one of these tools. And I am very confused between both.

The main reason to get Grammarly is that it offers way more than just grammar and spelling correction. Some interesting features of the tool are tone suggestion and plagiarism detection, which makes me lean towards it.

However, the main reason to get LanguageTool is that it has almost everything (except plagiarism detection, which I don’t need) that Grammarly offers, and it’s very cheap.

The price for 1 year of these tools would be:

  • Grammarly — $144
  • LanguageTool — less than $15

The choice seems obvious now. For now, I should go with LanguageTool and see if it works properly for now. And even if it doesn’t work as expected, I can move to Grammarly whenever I want, I won’t be losing lots of money.

Finally, I am going with the yearly plan of LanguageTool then.

Today, I would be completing the massive guide that I wasn’t able to finish yesterday.

Let’s see how the writing goes with the premium editing tool.

See ya!

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