[Daily] 3 Jun 22; Hugo supports incremental build

I have started a blog where 1000s of programmatically generated pages are being created and I was worried about the build time once the number of pages increases.

So yesterday, I did the testing, uploaded 3200 new posts in the markdown format, and waited for the build to complete — it took around 6 minutes which is acceptable. But… then I made some changes in the config.yml file and it again took the same time, I got worried about the fact that even if a single file has changed, it’s taking the same build time, what will happen if I reach 10000 or 20000 files?

But I was wrong!

I didn’t realize that changing the config file is not the same as adding new posts. Changing the config file applies to the whole site and everything needs to be rebuilt but Hugo supports incremental build and if you upload new pages, it only processes the new changes, and the build times depend only on the number of newly uploaded files.

Isn’t it great?

Yes, there are other static site generators that support incremental build but I had created mine using Hugo and was worried if I have to move everything to another SSG.

I am happy that I can stay with the solution of Hugo and Netlify without worrying about migrating to another solution.

Today, I am researching expired domains. Two domains were finalized yesterday but will be looking into some more, audit them, and then decide which ones I should go for.

See ya!

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