[Daily] 30 Apr 2022; Viral tweet

2 days ago, I tweeted about this site that got hit by Google’s manual penalty action. And, it might be my best-performing tweet ever.

You never know what might work on Twitter — the one tweet that you spend almost an hour perfecting might not work at all and the one that you did without even thinking about it might explode.

Also, yesterday, I was totally prepared to buy the yearly subscription to Hypefury, a Twitter automation tool. But then I realized that I rarely do threads and I can schedule simple tweets from Tweetdeck or by using the free version of some scheduling tools, like Typefully.

It’s the weekend and I and Bikash Kampo will seriously be working on creating the email course for Untalked SEO — we’ve got 2 days. Even though the course doesn’t get completed by tomorrow, we’re aiming to complete the whole outline and I’ll, somehow, write the content on the weekdays, next week.

Let’s see how it goes.

See ya!

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