[Daily] 30 Jun 2022; Journaling for 4 months

It’s been more than 4 months since I started writing this daily public journal and things have been only better ever since. The journey started on 25th Feb and I haven’t missed even a single day ever since.

It means I have published more than 120 entries in the daily journal section on the site. And I don’t see any reason to quit that any time soon in the future.

Just by writing my everyday thoughts, I get so many benefits like:

  • helps me keep my thoughts organized
  • helps me stay in the flow of whatever I am doing
  • provides me a better sense of time and schedule
  • improves my writing
  • helps me think, and
  • makes my thoughts clearer

Yes, on some days, it becomes a challenge when I don’t get what I should write about. But since there are no rules, I can even publish a single line, just like this one. Some people like to have a minimum word count restriction on their journal entries, but I haven’t, and that further reduces the friction of writing every single day.

Today, I will be reading lots of articles about product-led content marketing and then contribute a few pages to the dental SEO article that I am writing.

Let’s see how the day goes.

See ya!

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