[Daily] 4 Apr 2022; Treat affiliates sites as regular blogs

Most of the affiliate sites that I come across just publish promotion content reviewing various products out there. And that’s the reason why Google dumps those websites.

I recommend creating affiliate websites that don’t look like affiliate websites — make them look like a news site or a simple blog. I aim to create 80% informational and only 20% promotional content on the website.

You can do the followings things on an affiliate site to make it more trusted and robust:

  • Provide more and more quality information
  • Design the website to look clean and catchy
  • Provide free checklists, PDFs, and ebooks
  • Do not place tons of ads on any page
  • Create a system to capture emails, etc.

You get the idea, right?

Today, I will be working completely on 2 of my health affiliate sites the whole day.

Wish me luck.

See ya!

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