[Daily] 4 Jul 2022; A plan is necessary

Earlier, I did not use to make a plan for the day. My aim was only to open my laptop in the morning and then keep doing something till night. But from the start of this year, I started making plans for every day, and it has certainly changed my life.

In fact, the amount of work that I used to do in the whole day, started getting completed in just a couple of hours. After that, I have so much time left that I can do whatever I want — if I want to work more, I can work more; or if I want to learn something or go out, I can do that as well.

But why? Why does this happen?

When I have a plan, it’s like a competition in my mind. I compete with myself that I will be completing this on time. And, that thing in my mind considerably reduces any kind of distraction while working.

I think everyone should plan their day if they want to be more efficient.

Today, I will again be completing the massive guide that I am writing. I believe it will be completed by tomorrow.

See ya!

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