[Daily] 4 Mar 2022; Show your work

I am reading this book called Show Your Work by Austin Kleon, have finished more than 50% and loving it so far.

The book doesn’t tell you something that you don’t already know, I mean you know that in order for people to see your work, you will have to put it out there, right? The book exactly tells you the same thing, but in a very interesting and persuasive manner that you won’t take this thing lightly anymore.

I am reading the book every day and I feel so inspired by it. The author tells that you have a whole multimedia studio in your hands, smartphones, use them to take multiple photos and videos of your work. Take screenshots and write down everything as you progress, you don’t need to share everything publicly, just keep them with you. And, when the time comes, you will have a lot of material to share how you did everything — people love knowing about behind the scenes.

Austin suggests documenting everything in detail, but also says not to overshare. The documenting and sharing process should not so much of your time and effort that you’re unable to actually work on the project.

I have changed the strategy for Untalked SEO. Earlier, the plan was to first focus on the Hub part, we were to create 100-150 pages explaining all the SEO terms in detail. But now, the plan is to create detailed guide and case studies first, and then we’ll create related SEO Hub pages along the way.

I really like this strategy, if we’re looking to grow the blog to 10k visitors per month then we will have to target keywords that people are looking for and that we can rank for, most importantly.

I am also planning to write some listicles types of articles because they are easier to rank and bring more traffic. Basically, we will go all in parallel — we’re not going to finish writing one type of article and then move to the other types. It’s not a good strategy IMO.

I and Bikash, we both have started reaching out to our old clients to ask how they are going and ask some questions for the case study. I have started writing the Foodzo case study from today itself, we worked on the site from 2016 to 2018.

That’s it.

See ya!

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