[Daily] 4 May 2022; Got something interesting

Ever since I wrote the programmatic SEO guide on Untalked SEO, I was thinking a lot about how I can implement it with code or rather low code myself without needing help from a developer. There is not a single tutorial available on the internet for this — not even one.

But I think, I have figured out something that will definitely work with almost very little coding required. It’ll be based on static site generators and markdown .md files.

But I’m not diving into it right away! Right now, I and Bikash are working on the 7-day email course for Untalked SEO and it’s taking lots of time.

9:30 AM

Came across this tweet that reminds me of the business of fearmongering. If you want to sell your courses, you have to complicate stuff than it already is.

See ya!

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