[Daily] 5 May 2022; Growing on Twitter

I think, slowly, I am getting what people on Twitter and other social media like to hear. The more casual I am becoming with my current tweets, the more engagement I am getting.

People like behind-the-scenes stuff, because all the front polished stuff is already in abundance. People like to know how it’s done.

However, I am a bit confused about if I should be using any Twitter scheduling tools or not. A friend told me that it decreases your value if you schedule or automate your stuff via any automation tools, I am not sure about that but I am unable to understand this as of now.

Today, I will be working on creating the 7-day email course as announced earlier.

Let’s see if I will be able to complete this by this week. We have to create lots of images and templates before making the course live, so it’ll be an interesting journey this week.

See ya!

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