[Daily] 7 Mar 2022; Interesting day

I published Untalked SEO as a product on Indie Hackers and have received an email from an IH moderator asking me to write a detailed blog post on an SEO-related topic. I haven’t done it before and have no idea how it works and what kind of blog posts are they asking for, but it’ll be fun and interesting to write for such a great community.

I am excited!

Also, I am going through Indie Hackers contribute page, there are some things there. You can contribute to the community in multiple ways — a single story or a series. I am going to do it in the future, for sure.

A few days ago, my friend and I created a script that validates email addresses. I couldn’t believe it at first but the results are very accurate.

I went one step ahead and have listed this as a service for others to avail. I have even created a simple landing page for that. Of course, no one is going to see this page unless it starts ranking in the SERP, but anyways there’s no harm in creating that.

Today, I am writing two blog posts for two different blogs and have a few minor tasks.

That’s it.

See ya!

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