[Daily] 7 May 2022; Blog page design

I came across the Binance Academy site and really liked their blog page design — especially the various filter options to find what you want easily.

Here’s what it looks like:

Binance Academy blog filters

It gave me a new perspective to design blog pages. I am not sure how it will be done in WordPress but I think by using some filter plugin and taking the help of the full site editing feature, it can be achieved.

10:00 AM

Came across another tweet where the site is generating tons of traffic from AI-generated content and Google can’t seem to have penalized them as of yet.

But be aware, someday it’s gonna happen — like happened with this one.

What do you say about this?

I am working on the 7-day email course today.

Hope the power doesn’t blackout today (due to the cyclone warning in the area) so that I can focus on writing emails the whole day.

See ya!

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