[Daily] 8 Apr 2022; Having a second screen

I think having a second screen connected to your laptop definitely increases productivity. I have been using it for a few days and it has made multitasking very easy and efficient.

Some of the benefits that I have in mind are:

  • The number of times you switch tabs reduces
  • You can see multiple things at the same time
  • Following online tutorials become easy
  • Extremely helpful when you are programming

I am using the setup for researching and writing, it saves me a lot of time every day. I would constantly keep my to-do list open and that keeps me in the loop, I know what are the things that I have to work on today without getting distracted.

My computer setup

My setup is nothing fancy, it’s just my laptop and a 22-inch screen that looks like the image above. And, it works perfectly for me.

Today, I will be working on my affiliate sites and writing 1 article for compile.blog.

That’s it for today.

See ya!

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