[Daily] 8 Jul 2022; Got LanguageTool



As I was deciding between LanguageTool and Grammarly and then finally decided to go with LanguageTool at the end.

Today is the time when I finally got the subscription of LanguageTool and started using the premium version to check my writings. I am sure it will further polish up my writings and make them free of any kinds of grammatical or spelling errors.

And even if I don’t like the tool later on, I won’t be losing a lot of money. So I am good to go for now.

I have deactivated the Grammarly extension for now, let’s see if I have to go back and install it again anytime soon.

Today, I am looking at random things—reading random articles and discovering some interesting tools to speed up my workflow.

Let’s see how the day goes.

See ya!

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