[Daily] 8 May 2022; Edge browser is awesome

Ever since I got the new Windows 11 laptop recently, I am using Microsoft’s Edge browser and I couldn’t be happier — the number of features and the overall esthetics of the browser just feels amazing.

One of the amazing features that I tweeted about today is the math solver — just select any math problem and it’ll immediately solve it with detailed steps.

Some of the other features that I am absolutely in love with are:

  • Web select — copy text from selected items
  • Web capture — capture partial or full-page screenshots
  • Read aloud — Read aloud articles and other texts
  • Immersive reader — A distraction-free reading experience
  • Bookmarks and collections
  • Pin to taskbar — Pin any site to the taskbar
  • Cite this — Created citations for a webpage in multiple formats, etc.

I have been using it for more than a month now, and I am not planning to go back to Chrome or Brave browser any time soon.

Today is Sunday!

So… as always, I will be in the random browsing and doing nothing mode.

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