[Daily] 9 Apr 2022; Create your own niche

I came across a story of 2 people whose grant proposal was rejected by investors because the AgTech, that they were operating in, wasn’t a well-known category.

Later, they went on to create a content site in the category to educate people about AgTech. A decade later, they now have more than 4000 articles on their blog and more than 90,000 email subscribers to their weekly newsletter.

The best thing is that they now fund other AgTech startups.

How cool is that!

I have tweeted about the story today, which you can see in the above-embedded tweet.

What a great story to start my day with!

Today is Saturday, so like always, I will be in random browsing mode and/or doing nothing.

I hope the day goes well.

See ya!

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