[Daily] 9 Aug 2022; Starting #NoAgendaCalls

No matter how many articles I have written as of now, I know the fact that I suck when it comes to speaking.

So… to share my knowledge and practice speaking, I have started this #NoAgendaCalls and featured it on the homepage.

Now, anybody who has some time and wants to discuss/talk about SEO and related stuff can book a quick meeting, and we can have a quick chat about things. Obviously, I won’t be selling anything.

I am not sure how it will turn out to be, but let’s see.

I was scrolling through some programmatic SEO videos on YouTube and came across a video that was sharing my article on the topic. And that made me pleasantly surprised.

Apart from that, I will be doing some writing for a few guest posts today. There’s a lot to write.

Let’s see how the day goes.

See ya!

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