[Daily] 9 Oct 2022; Using writing prompts?

So I am thinking of using a writing prompt every day to write these daily public journals. Now, I am confused about whether I should be using generic prompts like “Should schools teach about climate change?” or should I design my own prompts that I can use every day?

If I design my own prompts, I can include things like:

  • What’s the best thought that I had recently?
  • What am I working on these days?, etc.

And I think, both of these types of prompts have their own advantages and disadvantages.

If I design my own prompts, I would only be thinking about what I am doing and what my life is revolving around at the time. I won’t think about anything else, and that seems to be a problem. Yes, thinking about what I am doing will also be helpful, but I have all day left for that.

And if I use generic writing prompts, I would have so much to think about while writing. It will depend on the topics/prompts that I choose, but if I manage to select decent topics, then it can be really helpful.

How about I pick prompts related to business, marketing, productivity, history, and other topics that I absolutely love?

Yes, that would be outstanding. And I am doing that, for sure.

Wow, this was so much fun deciding something by writing about it. I have done it earlier, and it’s always great.

See ya!

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